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Type HTE ; High Voltage Non-Inductive general set of requirements


Type HS ; High Voltage Non-Inductive Low TCR VCR Precision


Type UR ; G, T, Non-Inductive Cylindrical

  Type HD, UD series ; Non-Inductive High Voltage High Ohmic Functional Divider Sets Custom Voltage Ratio Available  

Type UT ; Ultra High Voltage High Energy High Frequency Non-Inductive upto 150W, on Steady Selling Item


Type RF ; High Power Non-Inductive precision RF application, upto 200W std. And upto 300kW custom


Custom Design


Typical Design of High Voltage Energy Stack & Tank


Type ET ; High Voltage Composite Energy Tube Non-Inductive


Typical Design of High Voltage Energy Stack & Tank


Type 3R-250 ; High Power 250Watt max, High Voltage, RF, precision Non-Inductive


Type 3R-100 ; High Power 100Watt max, RF, precision Non-Inductive


Custom Design of Packaged Resistor's Devices


SMD on Soldering ,with Soldering Pad, High Voltage, Non-Inductive, frequency


Type LTC ; Cylindrical Type Ultra Low TCR, VCR Non-Inductive High Voltage Resistors.


Type LTF ; Flate Type Ultra Low TC Precision Thick Film Non-Inductive High Perfromance Resistorws.


Type HVDA ; High Voltage & Current Rectifier Assembly.



Type SVD ; 3RLab produces SVD-series High Voltage Ultra Stable Precision Low TC High Accuracy Dividers & Probe.



Type PSC ; Power Semi Conductor.


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